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    Welcome to El Palmeral - a time to relax, refresh and renew - a retreat holiday and a time to remember. Click on the menus above after you view the slideshow.
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    An open door to you for a holiday, a short break, or a retreat from your daily life to take time out to relax, refresh and renew body, mind and spirit.
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    Once a luxury villa, El Palmeral is a unique Retreat Holiday - it's a themed programme, an individual retreat or a holiday break - your choice!
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    The Pool at dusk - El Palmeral has some features not usually associated with Retreat Holidays. No need to reserve a place with your towel . . .
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    Relax on the balmy evenings with a glass of fine wine in the Studio Bar, or sit by the pool sipping a soft drink, listening to the gentle sounds of the evening.
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    Mature gardens, with the flowers and fruit trees, the date palms and olive trees - space to 'just be'. Or walk around 'The Journey' - the garden Labyrinth.
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    The spectacular cactuses (cacti?) in the garden may be tricky to get close to if you like to hug trees, but when in flower, they're beautiful. Make sure to pack your camera!
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    The view from the balcony - El Palmeral is a short walk from the local village, but sometimes you'd think you were in a different world.
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    In the heart of agricultural Spain, yet only 10 minutes from the sea. Local highlights include El Fondo Bird Reserve. Take a look through the oblong window . . .
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    Take time out for yourself to think, read, write down a few thoughts - the afternoon siesta, when the House is in Quiet is a good time to create a space for yourself. So, relax by the pool, or take a dip to cool off!
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    Time to reflect, to relax by the pool, to wander in the mediterranean gardens.
    Time for Spain - the food, the culture, the sunshine and the laid back lifestyle.
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    - El Palmeral -
    It does what it says on the tin - lots more pictures on the website, click on 'FIND OUT MORE' on the menu above after the slideshow is over, come in and see what we offer!

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El Palmeral Retreat House
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